New site release - v2.1

New site release - v2.1

I am happy to announce the new releases of the site. New design, improved performance and more … Enjoy your visit!
Sharon McCutcheon©

Version 2.1 provides minor design changes, new features, and closes multiple issues


  • Code blocks now can have headers:
    // file: "hello-world.js"
    console.log('Hello World!');

    To add the headers, simply make the first line a comment of the form file: “dir/filename.ext”

    • Code blocks now have a copy-to-clipboard button
  • Resumes can now have download buttons. resume_download_button Add the following to the front matter. Note that the PDF needs to be pre-generated
    <!-- file: "" -->
    print: true
    pdf: /assets/Resume.pdf
    json: /assets/resume.json
  • Added breadcrumbs paths above page title: last_modified

Note that this requires a directory-like URL pattern like /blog/:categories/:year-:month-:day-:title/.

  • Added “Last modified at” to post layout: last_modified

To enable this feature, the post needs to have a last_modified_at property with a valid date. You can either set it manually in the frontmatter (not recommended), or use the jekyll-last-modified-at plugin to set it for you (Not available on GitHub Pages!).

You can remove this element by setting hide_last_modified in the front matter. You can disable it for all posts by setting hydejack.hide_last_modified in the config file. Setting hydejack.hide_dates will also remove it, together with all other time-related UI elements.

You can customize the hover text, icon, and date format in _data/strings.yml using the following keys: last_modified_at (hover text), last_modified_at_icon (icon name, default: icon-history) and date_formats.last_modified_at (date format, default: %Y-%m-%d).

  • Added Reading Time: last_modified The reading time indicator is a simple script which helps to create a reading indicator displaying the estimated reading time for the content. The script calculates the reading time based on a configurable reading speed (180 words per minutes by default). To display the reading time of an article, the code below is used.
<!-- file: "_includes/reading-time.html" -->
{% capture words %}
{{ content | number_of_words | minus: 180 }}
{% endcapture %}
{% unless words contains '-' %}
{{ words | plus: 180 | divided_by: 180 | append: ' minutes to read' }}
{% endunless %}

Installation :

  • Step 1. Copy the file reading-time.html
  • Step 2. Save the file in the _includes directory of your project
  • Step 3. Add the following line to your layout on the place where you want the reading time indicator to appear:
{% include reading-time.html %}
  • Added option to “invert” / darken the font colors in the sidebar. This enables use of bright sidebar images. Set invert_sidebar: true in the font matter to enable. Use defaults in the config file to enable this for all pages.
  • Added option to configure border radius
  • Added dingbat to page layout
  • Added plain layout that comes without a dingbat
  • Added smaller and larger CSS classes that set the font size to the respective values.
  • Added options to change the file paths to favicon and apple touch icon in the confog file. Use favicon and apple_touch_icon respectively.


  • Added border radius to many elements
  • Modernized table design
  • Setting hydejack.advertise: false will now remove the banner from the HTML and the JavaScript console.
  • Changed the box shadow of cards (projects, posts) to reduce the amount of painting the browser has to do on when mouse hovering them.
  • The layout when using the theme without the no_break_layout setting is now


  • Allow transparent project and post images
  • Removing/leaving out the logo key in the config file will now correctly remove the logo from the sidebar
  • Fixed a bug that caused blog posts to be included the the search even when set to sitemap: false in the front matter.
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