New site release - v2.0

New site release - v2.0

This July 14 2020, French national holiday 🎉, I am happy to announce the new releases of the site. New design, improved performance and more … Enjoy your visit!

Version 2.0 is the most complete version of this site. Modernized design, big headlines, and big new features: Built-In Search, Sticky Table of Contents, and Auto-Hiding Navbar, and more…

Wednesday 05 August 2020

Linking in Style

Ever since the introduction of Dark Mode, link styles have been a bit of an issue. Specifically, finding an accent color that worked on both light and dark backgrounds was the problem. With this new release, the link style has been revamped so that legibility is no longer tied to the choice of accent_color.

Ready for the Big Screen

The theme on which site is based was designed for a different era of the web. Over time I’ve made adjustments, such as centering the content column for better reading ergonomics.

With this version 2.0, this site takes full advantage of large displays. Whether it’s design indulgences such as oversized headlines, or quality of life improvements such as a floating table of contents.

What’s in the Cards?

The site now lets you use content cards for both projects and posts. The cards have been redesigned with a new hover style and drop shadows and they retain their unique transition-to-next-page animations, which now also work on the blog layout.

Site now has Built-In Search. It even works offline. I settled on a fully client-side, off-the-main thread solution that perfectly fits the use case of personal sites and shows surprisingly good results.

The new search UI is custom made for the site and shows beautiful previews of posts and pages, right on top of the content.

Auto-Hiding Navbar

A navbar that’s there when you need it, and disappears when you don’t. Simple as that.

Sticky Table of Contents

Already a staple on so many sites on the web, this pattern is now also available in here. What’s unique about it is that it simply picks up the table of contents already created by kramdown’s {:toc} tag and transparently upgrades it to a fully dynamic version.

…and much more

Other noteworthy changes include:

  • Support for Jekyll 4
  • Choice between MathJax and KaTeX for math rendering
  • Use of jekyll-include-cache for drastically improved page building speeds
  • …and the option to disable grouping projects by year.

Read the CHANGELOG for the full scope of features and improvements.

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