Open Internet Access Provider

Open Internet Access Provider

OIAP is a Free Internet Access Provider in white area.
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Saturday 30 May 2020

  1. How it works ?
  2. Technical infrastructure
    1. OIAP Network infrastructure overview
    2. The Map
    3. Internet access : WAN
      1. WAN Link
      2. Link Direct connected to MAN / Eternet
      3. Wireless link Point-to-Point gateway / Radio Antenna equipments
    4. MAN
      1. Wireless MAN equipments
      2. Wireless Point-to-Muti-Point gateway / Radio Antenna equipments
  3. Services
    1. Users services
    2. Technical services
  4. Team & Community
    1. Team

OIAP is a free community broadband Internet access provider in a white area. The Internet access is over a wireless MAN (Metropolitan Area Network).

The unified WAN is consituted of several Internet links : point-to-point wireless links and LTE cellular link.

The unified bandwidth of the point-to-point links reaches 40 Mb/s to 100 Mb/s. And the LTE link can reaches 60 Mb/s. This bandwidth is shared on a wireless MAN of about 4.5 km².

How it works ?

WIFI type radio technologies are suitable for the implementation of broadband service networks.

The advantage is to make up for the shortcomings of the ADSL network in certain areas.

To put it simply, we take the Internet where it works to take it where it doesn’t : From collection points, we transport the internet connection to the white areas. This is thanks to a network of wifi antennas installed in the community.

Expert in the development and implementation of Radio technologies, OIAP has become a free Internet access provider for these spaces, called white areas.

For the little story : WIFI base stations are present on both sides of the territory. These make it possible to provide a broadband internet connection within a radius of several kilometers. To take advantage of this, we provide our users with an antenna, installed at their home. This mode of data transmission takes place over the air. This is what allows you to surf freely and without constraints on the web!

Technical infrastructure

OIAP Network infrastructure overview

OIAP Network Infrastructure overview

OIAP Network Infrastructure overview

The Map



Internet access : WAN

WanProviderHardwareTechnology typeConnection type
wan 1FreeFreebox DeltaxDSL and 4G+ cellularDirect connected to MAN / LAN
wan 2FreeLivebox v4xDSLConnected to MAN / LAN
wan 3FreeUawei B315s-224G+ cellularConnected to MAN / LAN
wan 4SFRBox SFRxDSLDirect connected to MAN / LAN
Wan 1Provider
Direct connected to MANFree
Wan 3Provider
Direct connected to MANFree Mobile
Wan 2ProviderWireless TypeManufacturerDevice Model
Link-2 Acces PointOIAP5 ghzUbntNanoStation Loco M²
Link-2 ClientOIAP5 ghzUbntNanoStation Loco M²
Wan 4ProviderWireless TypeManufacturerDevice Model
Link-4 Acces PointOIAP5 ghzUbntNanoStation Loco M²
Link-4 ClientOIAP5 ghzUbntNanoStation Loco M²


Wireless MAN equipments

MANProviderManufacturerDevice ModelTechnology typeConnection type
MANOIAPUbntBullet M²2.4 ghzWireless Point-to-Muti-Point

Wireless Point-to-Muti-Point gateway / Radio Antenna equipments

ManProviderWifi TypeManufacturerDevice Model
Air Acces PointOIAP2.4 ghzUbntBullet M²
Air ClientOIAP2.4 ghzUbntBullet M²


Users services

  • Cloud services : Secure Files, Calendar (caldav), Agenda (carddav), Chat, Visio services access over MAN and Internet.
  • Wireless guest access
  • NAS Service

Technical services

  • Firewall
  • DNS service
  • SMTP service
  • SSH / SFTP service
  • Proxy service
  • Monitoring and supervision
  • Logs analysis

Team & Community


Developer & supportMultimedia Designer-

Without forgetting the community that shares their Internet access with those who don’t have it. Thanks to them.

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